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iFame is available for your website visitors in many languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, …

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Get more contacts, calls, chats & leads for your business.

Call us
Allow people to call you on different phone numbers.

Call me back
Allow a customer to leave his/her phone number to you.

Video call
Have video calls with your future or current customers.

Email us
A great, simple email form so anyone can email you.

Send us a text | SMS
Allow clients to send you a text message.

WhatsApp chat
Have great WhatsApp conversations with clients.

Messenger chat
Enjoy new client requests & chats with Messenger.

Get a price quote
Allow your clients to request a price quote.
Attract new clients to your business by offering a gift.

Google Maps
Driving directions to your business with Google Maps

Waze directions
Allow people that have Waze on their phone to drive to you.

Apple iOS Maps
Driving directions to your business with Apple Maps.

Opening hours
Show clients when your business is open.

Business video
Show a great video from your business (YouTube or Vimeo)

Business photos
Impress clients with great photos of your business.

Customer reviews
Post testimonials and great quotes from your clients.

Facebook page
Show potential customers your Facebook page.

Twitter profile
Show your Twitter profile on your website.

LinkedIn page
Leverage your profile on LinkedIn for new leads.

Instagram profile
Showcase your great photos and stories on Instagram.

skype video call and chat

Skype call
Have great Skype (video) calls & chats with clients.

Add a specific message or post in this App.

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