Why iFame is great for B&B Websites

Discover why iFame is great for B&B Websites

iFame is a new online service that allows you to market your business and communicate effectively with your current and potential clients.

It integrates multiple communication tools to your official B&B website so that clients can easily get information about your business.

iFame bed and breakfast

The contact bar includes more than 22 widely used communication apps.

This service is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, and Italian.

Many Apps to choose from

iFame has many apps for you to choose from.

These will be placed in contact bar on your website. The available apps include:

Call Us app

The Call Us option allows you to add many phone numbers to your contact information.

Phone numbers are important since people feel more comfortable talking to actual human beings instead of just sending typed messages.

Personable interactions generally make your business appear more trustworthy, and that is highly likely to increase your conversions.

Call Me Back app

This option allows visitors to leave their phone numbers behind so that you can contact them later.

call back app

Leaving your business phone number is great, but many people don’t like calling businesses because of the long waiting times.

Most people would rather leave their phone numbers for you to call them when one of your agents is free.

This option shows the client that you value their time and don’t intend to inconvenience them.

Callback options also reduce call abandonment rates.

People often give up contacting a company if their waiting times are too long.

Also, with a callback option, you can afford to hire fewer agents because the numbers can be held in a queue.

It will generally make it easier for you to manage high volumes of calls.

Video Call app

Video calls can also be highly beneficial in the bed and breakfast business.

video call app

Video chat makes your business feel a lot more human than regular voice calls.

It gives your business a face, form and voice, and that can significantly help to build trust among potential clients.

Video calls can also close customer service cases faster than email or live chat.

This will not just improve the experience of the customer, but it will also make your agents’ work easier.

Since video chat services are hosted on the internet, you will be able to communicate with future guests to your bed and breakfast from any part of the world.

WhatsApp Chat app

Almost everyone who owns a smartphone uses WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app.

whatsapp app

The service has recently launched WhatsApp Business, an app that was developed specifically for small and medium sized enterprises.

With this app, you will be able to interact with your customers easily and efficiently since it has features like autoresponders and sort.

You will be able to communicate with regular WhatsApp users, and they will not even need to install a separate app.

Your WhatsApp account will be labelled as a business account since people need to know when they are being contacted by a business.

One important feature of the WhatsApp app is the Quick Replies.

The feature allows you to save and reuse messages that you commonly send to your customers.

These could be answers to frequently asked questions.

Another feature is the Messaging Statistics which allows you to see how many of your messages were sent, delivered, and read.

Waze and Google Maps apps

iFame will also give you the option of adding Waze to your website.

maps waze app

People who have installed Waze on their devices will be able to easily drive to you with the help of this app.

At the same time, you can use Google Maps to give directions to other interested parties.

maps google app

That will make it easier and quicker for people to locate your bed and breakfast, even without contacting your agents.

You should also consider getting the Apple iOS Maps for people who might be using Apple devices.

maps apple app

Business Video app

There are many video hosting services on the internet.

business video app

These can be used to market your bed and breakfast effectively since more people believe what they can see.

Showing them the place can be more effective than just writing about how great your place is.

Your B&B video should highlight the best aspects of your business and even show the faces of some of the key people in the business.

iFame allows videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Business Photos app

You can also impress your clients with your collection of amazing pictures of your B&B.

photos app

You should consider hiring a highly rated photographer for the photos.

This way, the photos will offer a great first impression on your potential clients, and this may make them more inclined to visit your bed and breakfast.

Testimonials app, Reviews app

iFame will also give you the chance to post reviews from past users.

reviews app

These testimonials can help lure new clients to your bed and breakfast.

Conclusion: iFame and the iFame apps will bring you more leads

iFame is a useful communication and marketing tool: sign up here for iFame.

It can allow you to grow your bed and breakfast b&b business by reaching a wider audience.

It also enables effective direct communication with your potential clients.

The iFame contact bar will be posted on your site.

It can include popular apps like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email, Call Me Back, and Business Videos.

An advantage of using iFame is the fact that it will send you weekly analytics of the performance of your apps.

This can help you plan your marketing budget accordingly and also implement more effective practices.