Get essential Apps on your website, with iFame

Upgrade your website today with the many Apps that your customers love using already.

iFame has created a sticky website contact bar that enables businesses to integrate essential contact and marketing apps on their websites.

The sticky bar allows the customers to contact the business or find other business information without leaving the site to use the apps on their phone.

It is easy, fun and does not slow down the website even where the customer is using a slow internet connection.

iFame sticky contact bar with apps


Why show multiple Apps on your site?

The digital economy has opened up new frontiers for small businesses to reach their customers.

One method may not reach all the target audience.

Small businesses that are looking to increase their market share and enhance their customer experience are diversifying to as many channels as they can.

With several options at their disposal, customers just choose what works for them, and the business can tap into as many customers as possible.

How does iFame help small businesses achieve this?

iFame makes it easier for small businesses to have all the apps they need to improve their customer service without the huge expenses that come with integrating apps and systems on websites.

Here are ways iFame makes the whole process easy.

iFame is easy to install

Unlike traditional apps that require a little bit of programming knowledge to install, iFame is a plug and play kind of a toolbar.

You just need to sign up and install the bar in a minute.

The code instruction details are available on the iFame website.

This saves you the implementation time and cost associated with installing mobile apps to your website.

A broad choice of Apps

iFame puts together the most popular social media, marketing and contact apps to give a wider choice to customers.

It increases your reach tremendously and enhances the customer’s experience.

Customers are more likely to contact or take notice of the business if it has a presence on platforms where they hang out.

In addition to enhancing business presence, iFame dramatically improves the speed at which they can reach out to you by enabling them to get to you right there on your website.

Availability in several languages

Today, businesses are going global. iFame is available in many languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch to cater to small business clients across the world.

When a business opens up in a new market, it connects with customers with ease by using the most spoken language in the marketplace.

Ability to make video calls

Video calling improves customer experience incredibly.

Not only does it give the business some personality, it also allows the customer service personnel to know the customer in person and pick cues like the facial expressions in the conversation.

iFame video call

The high engagement also increases the probability that the customer will buy from the business.

Apps available with iFame

iFame offers a choice of over 22 Apps that you can integrate into your website with the sticky bar.

These apps include the following:

1. Calling Apps

• The bar has a default call app that allows customers to call with just a click of a button. The feature allows them to call any of the official numbers of the business (e.g. your general (reception) phone number, the number of your Sales department, etc).

• The Call back app enables customers to leave their number so that the customer representative can call them back. It is an excellent option for customers who may be in a hurry or may not have the chance to call the business at that moment.

• Video call that allows customer reps to have video conversations with current and future customers. This option can also be used in the remote diagnosis of technical problems with devices or a situation where the client is unable to use a product.

Skype call that allows customers to contact the business through video calls and chats. It can also be used for video conferencing when training customers on a product.

2. Messaging Apps

WhatsApp messenger that enables the business to make WhatsApp conversations with clients

• SMS app for use in sending text messages to the business

Messenger chat app that allows clients to connect with the business on Messenger

3. Navigation Tools

• Google Maps that offers a map and driving directions to the business premises for Android device users

• Apple iOS Maps, which is an iPhone version of Google Maps

• Waze directions that enable people who have Waze on their phones to drive with ease to the business premises

• Opening hours: The app shows the clients when the business is open so that they can contact or visit the premises.

4. Marketing Tools

• Business Video app: An app that allows you to showcases a great video of several aspects of the business. The app supports videos embedded on YouTube and Vimeo.

• Business Photos that enables the business to showcase their staff, facilities and products in high-quality images.

• Customer reviews app that allows the business to post great reviews and quotes from the clients for website visitors to see.

• Show gift app that allows the business to attract customers by offering them a gift. The gift may be anything from a free trial to a discount on purchasing particular goods or spending a specific amount.

5. Social Media Apps

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter apps enable you to showcase the respective social media pages of the company.

The business can then engage the visitors on these platforms.

6. Price quote app

A Get a price quote app that allows the clients to request a quote fast.

It is ideal for both product and service businesses.

7. More app

A More app, which allows the business to add any other message that it would like the customers or website visitors to know.

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