Get iFame for your Hair Salon website

7 Reasons Why iFame Should Be Shown on Your Hairdresser Website

Owning and running a hair salon can be daunting.

It’s difficult to be profitable if you only rely on walk-in clients and a standard website.

Starting an online buzz about the unique experience you offer is key to your success.

But, with so much competition how can you efficiently sell that experience to attract more clients and increase customer retention?

iFame for hair salon website

Well, iFame is the way to go.

iFame’s an innovative online sticky bar which integrates more than 20 popular apps on your website.

Your prospects can learn more about your business and reach out to you without leaving your website.

So, we’ve put together 7 reasons why you should integrate iFame on your hairdresser website.

1. More Clients for your Hair Salon

Whether you own a stand-alone hair salon or it’s part of a beauty spa, your focus is to attract new prospects and achieve high conversion rates.

But, if you’re using just one marketing method, it’s difficult to reach 100% of your target market.

However, iFame integrates around 20 customer focused apps which expand your prospects’ options.

Our online connection service streamlines your sales funnel and customises the buyer experience.

Through iFame, your site can offer bespoke solutions to online searchers.

So, by offering prospects what they need, you can achieve a higher conversion rate and immediately increase your client base and sales.

2. Improved Customer Service

Because you’re working in the beauty industry, customer service is the main pillar of your success.

Taking care of your clients and implementing a holistic approach will strengthen engagement levels and improve sales.

However, customer service infrastructure can be expensive and often incomplete.

That’s where iFame stands out: it acts as a simple, yet powerful and essential addition to your hair salon website.

iFame includes various client communications options such as direct messenger services, video calls or call-back solutions.

Building a direct line of contact between you and clients or prospects will grow your hairdresser brand’s authority and trustworthiness.

Prospects and clients can reach your hair salon through direct messaging or speak to one of your agents via video call, giving your business a face and voice.

And, the call-back option shows respect towards your clients.

They can leave their number and you’ll get in touch when you’re free.

You’re not wasting your clients’ time or money.

3. Marketing and Visibility for your Hair Salon

Efficient online marketing stands at the core of your hair salon’s profitability.

Your aim is to showcase your services, highlight offers, and promotions to reach increased sales.

And, iFame includes multi-channel marketing support through video, photo, testimonials and special promotions.

Because iFame supports YouTube and Vimeo video formats, you can display your hair salon’s venue and equipment efficiently.

You can also highlight the professional stylists and products which guarantee maximum customer care.

Top-quality and edited photos act as a support for your impeccable services and highly qualified personnel.

Clients can get a personalised preview of your business before visiting.

And what could be more convincing than other client’s reviews?

iFame integrates a testimonial feature for your hairdresser website which only leads to strengthening your brand.

If you want to promote your hair salon’s exclusive special offers and services, iFame can help.

For example, it allows you to show any gifts, bonuses or promotions during specific periods or discounts on purchases exceeding an established threshold.

4. Increased Social Media Targeting for your Hairdresser Business

An expanded presence on social media can easily raise your hair salon’s sales.

And, with iFame you can use channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram to attract new clients and build customer loyalty.

Your social media accounts create interactive relationships with your target audience.

Users can like, comment and share your hair salon’s posts.

By communicating your brand’s message through visuals supported by text, you’re closely guiding your clients towards your hair salon’s services.

5. Transparency & Quote Service

iFame allows users to choose the services they need and decide if they agree with your prices.

Being transparent about your hair salon’s price list suggests increased trust and customer care.

It makes your clients feel comfortable and that they’re in good hands when they enter your salon.

By proving a high level of accountability for the services you provide, your business will become the go-to place for the best look.

6. Improved Site UX for your Hairdresser Website

Your hair salon’s site’ user experience (UX) can make or break your conversion rates.

Cluttering your site with different, hard to find contact, image, video, testimonials and location pages makes it unattractive to users.

And, because you only have about 5 seconds to grab users’ attention, making your site simple, user-friendly and highly appealing is key.

iFame comprises a large range of apps which offer all the essential details about your hair salon in one place.

Clients can easily check your services, get a quote, contact you and find out how to reach your salon through Google Maps, Waze or other navigation map tools like Apple Maps.

And, to give you an extended client outreach, iFame comes in several languages such as German, Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch, and French.

7. Show Clients How to Reach Your location

As mentioned earlier, iFame includes different navigation tools such as Google Maps or Waze, suitable for multiple operating systems.

By showing your clients the fastest route to your hair salon, you’re helping them reach the appointment relaxed and on time.

They won’t be facing traffic blocks or endlessly search for your location.

Also, iFame shows your opening hours in a simple app.

So, clients know when they can visit your hair salon and check the venue and your hairdresser services.

Conclusion: Get iFame with all the popular contact apps and chat apps for your hairdresser website

Unlike other retail businesses, running a profitable hair salon can be challenging.

You’re promising your customers a top-quality look, which depends on exquisite services.

But to convince prospects that your hair salon can deliver on that promise your best approach is to offer multi-channel communication through your website.

And iFame allows you to do just that, while maintaining a streamlined online UX.

It’s an innovative and easy-to-install sticky bar with contact and communication apps & info, which will increase your conversions and sales.

Check iFame out in demo mode on your phone to get a good feel of its performance.

You’ll unlock your hair salon’s site full potential with iFame and achieve increased profits.

Sign up for a free test account on iFame today.