Small Business website with apps

7 reasons why any (small) business owner should integrate iFame on its website

Having a website for your small business can greatly improve the success rate of your business.

It is for this reason that nearly all business owners invest significant amounts of resources to develop and customize websites for their businesses.

Small Business Website with apps

But the effectiveness of a website is largely determined by the user experience that it offers.

Great user experience is more likely to increase the conversion of website visitors to actual clients.

iFame is a great new product that can help to improve the user experience of the people on your website.

It is basically a sticky contact bar that you can add on your website, with a variety of popular apps that may be useful to a customer.

Below are some of the top reasons as to why you should consider installing iFame on your website.

1. Effective communication with apps on your website

Communication is the key to success in any business.

iFame can help you and your clients with communication through various apps.

It presents your website visitors with all the communication apps that they are used to on their phones.

Such apps include Whatsapp, Messenger, Call Me, and Email apps among many others.

They can call your customer service using their phone, email you, or even use Skype to video call among many other options.

2. Your social media presence, available with a simple click

Using social media to market your products or services is another great way to grow your business.

With iFame, your website will show app icons of all the social media apps that relate to your business.

This means that they can access all the social media content that you publish, in only a single click.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are just a few of the popular apps that your potential clients will have instant access to.

3. Easy navigation to your business with a Maps app on your website

Loading many pages in search for specific information can be quite frustrating to a potential client and may result in a reduced conversion rate.

With iFame, everything is presented as applications, which makes it a lot easy to find whatever you are looking for.

When looking for directions to the business premises, for example, the visitors will simply tap on the Maps app.

Price quotations and working hours are other examples of information that you can present in apps for your clients to have quick and easy access to.

4. Easy installation of iFame on your website

Installing iFame on your website is quite simple.

It is designed in such a way that you can do it yourself, even if you are not a specialist in website development.

The process is as simple as installing a plugin.

If you have a WordPress website, for example, you can download our WordPress plugin. We also provide you a simple guide to help you with the installation process.

If you prefer coding, you will only need to copy and paste a short code on all the pages of your site.

The iFame button will be live on your website as soon as you save the changes.

Very simple and fast.

5. Low cost of iFame

Marketing or generating leads effectively can be quite expensive.

As a business owner, you should maximise on anything that offers a great marketing opportunity – directly on your website – and does not cost a lot.

iFame is one such great opportunity.

6. Weekly analytics

iFame sends analytics of all the clicks on your apps directly to your inbox on a weekly basis.

This does not mean that you have to wait an entire week to get the analytics.

You can log in to your account and check the analysis for any duration, at any time.

The analysis can help you with decision making, allowing you to make informed judgments and act accordingly.

The analysis is presented in numbers as well as in graphs.

This makes it easy to understand the information and deduce an action to be taken from it.

If, for example, the number of customer service calls is increasing rapidly, you might consider employing more customer representatives to ensure the clients get relevant and timely responses.

7. Support

At iFame, we also have a team that provides reliable and effective customer support.

Our professional and friendly representatives are always ready to help you with any problem that you may encounter while using our product.

Reaching our support team is simple: you will only need to input your name, email and website, as well as your message in the contact form.

Get iFame with all the essential contact apps on your website

With all the unique benefits that iFame offers, your business will definitely benefit a lot if you install it on your business website.

It will help you to achieve a significant milestone in marketing, leading to greater overall success for your business.

The analytics sent to you every week will also give you a good sense of how many want to connect with you.

Furthermore, you will enjoy the great aesthetics that iFame and the apps add to your website.